Diligentia manages credentialing systems to provide organizations and approved bodies with recognized professionals having skills and competence to perform consulting and assessment activity as regard to every scheme.

GIF AP (Accredited Professionals)

The GIF AP Credentialing system delivers the knowledge and skills required by professionals to integrate ESG factors (environmental, social and governance) into the responsible business strategies. A GIF AP is skilled, trained and verified according to stringent competence criteria.

The GIF AP credential is awarded to practitioners from wide a variety of organisations around the world: from the private and public sectors, from SMEs to global multi-nationals, from industry to services, from consulting to media, from NGO to public administration.

GIF AP are certified to act as ESG Managers, Social responsibility consultants, GIF Assessors and Faculties.

GIF AP Assessors bring a wide range of experience and knowledge in the Due Diligence process being trained to ensure the alignment required to effectively conduct in organizations irrespective of size, industry and location.

More information on the GIF AP Credentialing System Regulation: click here

Decide the Designation is for you

  • Credential for professionals (employees, freelance etc.) with competence in social responsibility and ESG risks management.
  • Diligentia recommends organizations to involve a GIF AP Practitionner to establish and implement a social responsibility management system and increase the possibility of achieving a high score within the GIF ESG Rating scheme.
  • More information on the GIF AP Practitioner: click here
  • Credential for experienced professionals able to conduct Due Diligence according to the GIF ESG Rating Scheme.
  • Approved Validation Bodies within the GIF ESG Rating scheme can only appoint GIF APs to conduct the GIF Due Diligence.
  • More information on the GIF AP Assessor: click here
  • Credential for expert professionals with recognized ability to assess the Governance and Business Ethics risks.
  • Approved Validation Bodies may appoint GIF AP TE (Technical Experts) “Governance & Business Ethics” in the Assessment Teams.
  • More information on the GIF AP – TE Governance: click here
  • Credential for expert professionals with recognized ability to assess the social risks.
  • Approved Validation Bodies may appoint GIF AP TE (Technical Experts) “Social” in the Assessment Teams.
  • More information on the GIF AP – TE Social: click here
  • Credential for expert professionals with recognized ability to assess the environmental and safety risks.
  • Approved Validation Bodies may appoint “GIF AP TE (Technical Experts) HSE” in the Assessment Teams.
  • More information on the GIF AP – TE HSE: click here

How it will benefit you

  • Gain a unique and practical qualification
  • Improve your competitive career advantage and increase your employability
  • Expand your ESG and social responsibility knowledge and stay ahead in your field
  • Meet a mandatory requirement to be appointed by Validation Bodies as GIF Assessor
  • Develop the skills and competencies to fulfil your responsibilities and your firm’s responsible strategies
  • Gain a digital badge to highlight to others the skills you have acquired
  • Join an international community of experts in social responsibility and ESG risks management

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Drive your career forward

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Your badge:

  • Sets out the knowledge and skills you have demonstrated in passing the qualification.
  • Is an efficient way of posting to your social media platforms – such as LinkedIn – for wider recognition.
  • Is available to download to use on your email signature or electronic versions of your CV.
  • Allows you to discover job market insights that relate to your skills and opportunities.

Credentialing Process

GIF AP candidates are required to complete the official GIF AP training course and pass a comprehensive written exam.

The GIF AP training is offered as an online course or an in-person workshop. Completion of the course is a prerequisite for taking the exam.

The GIF AP training is designed to educate candidates on Get It Fair.

After completing the training candidates will understand how Get It Fair works, how it can improve the social responsibility of organizations, and be able to successfully apply it to assess Responsible Organizations.

Course Examination
  • International policies, guidelines and standards
  • Introduction to Get It Fair
  • Governance & management system
  • Social
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Business Ethics
  • Assessing materiality and ESG risks
  • Online
  • Advanced registration is required
  • 75 multiple choice questions
  • Open book using the GIF Guidance Manual
  • Reference training materials provided
  • A 75% passing grade is required
  • Exam outcome is Pass or Fail

GIF AP Trainer

  • GIF AP Trainers are GIF AP Assessors meeting the requirements to become trainers to deliver official GIF Training Courses on behalf of a GIF Approved Academy qualified as such by GIF
  • GIF AP Trainers have a thorough understanding of the GIF Framework and have a track-record in the field of training, in the general field of social responsibility management and / or ESG risk management
  • GIF AP Trainers are listed on the GIF website underneath the GIF Accredited Academies they are affiliated with.

Becoming a Certified Trainer

A GIF AP Trainer must deliver his/her training courses on behalf of an organisations approved as GIF AP Academy. A GIF AP Trainer must demonstrate proven experience in the field of training delivery for a period of at least 2 years and be observed by GIF, or its designated partner, in delivering some management training.

We expect a minimum of 3 references from previous clients that demonstrate their satisfaction with the knowledge and services provided by the applicant in training delivery.

These represent the initial requirements for obtaining a license as GIF AP Trainer.

If you would like to receive more information about how to become a GIF AP Trainer, please contact us at [email protected]

Search the GIF AP Approved Academies here and the list of the GIF AP Trainers here.