Diligentia family consists of remarkable organisations belonging to the community of italici all over the world. From any size, sector and maturity. All striving for responsible business conduct and economic development. They include:

  • members (enterprises, academies, professionals, individuals)
  • assessed organizations/products/processes
  • certified professionals
  • partners (Public Bodies, Associations, consultants, media, NGO, etc.)

Members include:

  • corporate (large, medium, small, micro)
  • supporting
  • individual
  • honorary
  • by right

Assessed members include:

  • certified/verified/validated organizations/products/services within one of scheme operated by Diligentia
  • certified professionals within credentialing systems managed by the Association
  • approved confomity assessment bodies within the schemes operated by the Association

Partners include:

  • Stakeholders
  • Committed partners
  • Ambassadors
  • Academies