A significant component of Diligentia ETS activities will be supporting organizations and people actively engaged in providing systems and methodologies for disclosure of reliable and credible non-financial information regarding ESG risks. Initiatives to this extend include:

  • being Programme Operator of Conformity Assessment Schemes (CAS)
  • managing credentialing systems (Certification of persons)
  • carrying out of special projects (in partnership with other organizations)

Conformity Assessment Schemes (CAS)

In line with its mission Diligentia can play the role of programme operator for the administration and operation of Conformity Assessment Schemes in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development.

The main source of funding for this activity is the membership fee paid by organisations and people registering their positive evaluation according to a programme.

The overall purpose of Diligentia is to guarantee to all Scheme Owners and their interested parties with:

  • impartiality
  • transparency
  • integrity
  • equal opportunities

A General Regulations establishes criteria, obligations and procedures to govern the relationship between the Association and all Scheme Owners assigning to the Association the responsibility of playing the role of Programme Operator.

Here you can download the Diligentia Regulation for Conformity Assessment Schemes (CAS) [only available in Italian language]:

As a programme operator Diligentia provides a level of organization suitable t0:

  • adequately promote every CAS
  • guarantee transparent procedure for selecting a CAS and signing agreements with Scheme Owners
  • prepare, maintain, and make publicly available a Programme Regulation of a CAS
  • ensure that the CAS Regulation is followed,
  • monitor changes in regulation, procedures and documents regarding the CAS
  • ensure appropriate consultations for maintaining the credibility of the CAS,
  • facilitate the participation and involvement of interested parties and to publish the names of the organisations
    involved as interested parties in CAS development,
  • establish a procedure to safeguard the consistency of data within the CAS,
  • prepare guidelines, checklists, and other tools regarding the CAS
  • maintain and make publicly available the list of organizations/product/service persons assessed within every CAS
  • maintain a list of independent approved confomity assessment bodies within a CAS
  • maintain a list of accredited professionals for a CAS
  • manage and maintain the website of a CAS
  • issue a newsletter on a regular basis and to maintain a list of subscribers to the newsletter,
  • make publicly available explanatory materials,
  • to followup with approved individual validation bodies to confirm their active status
  • to handle complaints or feedback on listed organizations, product/services, persons and
  • to establish and implement procedures to avoid the misuse of references to a CAS, its logo and other registered trademarks