Inspire, distinguish, enhance and promote companies and professionals who:

  • adhere to the principles of social responsibility for sustainable development,
  • implement them concretely in the performance of their business by reducing non-financial risks that can cause adverse impacts on their Stakeholders and
  • share disclose credible and reliable information verified in accordance with the best international standards and practices


To become the platform for Associations, companies, universities and individuals who:

  1. acts on a global scale
  2. pursues the continuous involvement of Stakeholders
  3. promotes the culture of compliance with international guidelines and standards
  4. counteracts greenwashing and promotes the verifiability of ethical assertions
  5. promotes the disclosure of reliable Corporate Sustainability Reporting
  6. is open to collaboration with other Foundations and Associations
  7. provides a wide range of digital services

with the aim of supporting and distinguishing the organizations that adopt the best approaches and achieve the best results on all aspects of social responsibility for sustainable development.