GIF ESG rating scheme & Sistema Italia for responsible supply chains

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As organizations, consumers and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding credible ethical claims and labels for responsible supply chains, ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) risks are becoming increasingly central to sourcing and investment decisions as well as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting disclosure (according to EU Directives).

In this changing landscape, creating an integrated framework consisting of standards, accreditations, programs and validation bodies is essential to provide stakeholders with reliable and verified information on the ESG risks of organizations and their supply chains.

This session will present Get It Fair “GIF ESG Rating scheme” (first programme in the world positively assessed by a national body for accreditation purposes according to international standards) integrating Due Diligence, ESG risk rating, ethical label validation, and Corporate Sustainability Reporting.

Attendees gain an insight on how the “Sistema Italia” (standardization and accreditation bodies, programme operators and validation bodies, academies and Chambers of Commerce) is joining hands to enable brands and manufacturers in the garment and footwear to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving environment by the mean of reliable ethical labels for responsible supply chains.


  • Welcome Address
  • Key Note speaker: Cesare Saccani (Diligentia ETS – President) “Get It Fair ESG Rating Scheme – Integrating ESG rating, ethical label and corporate sustainability reporting”

Panel discussion

  • Maria Teresa Pisani (UN-UNECE) Moderator
  • Elena Mocchio (UNI – Head of Innovation and Development)
  • Emanuele Riva (Accredia and IAF President)
  • Lorenzo Orsenigo (ICMQ spa – Chairman & General Manager)
  • Furio Francini (Accademia Costume Moda – CEO)
  • Domenico Mauriello (Assocamerestero – General Secretary )


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